ATDC/TRIM29 and Bladder Cancer

Immunofluorescent staining for ATDC/TRIM29 (purple), KRT14 (green) and actin (yellow) in bladder cancer cells.

ATDC/TRIM29 is a oncogene which is highly expressed in the majority of invasive bladder cancers. It drives bladder cancer invasion and metastases and may be involved in resistance to therapy.

Preclinical Models of Bladder Tumorigenesis

Bladder tumor (shown by arrow) in ATDC/TRIM29 transgenic mouse.

We have previously shown that overexpression of ATDC/TRIM29 promotes urothelial bladder tumor formation in transgenic mouse models. We are currently developing next generation transgenic models based on this observation.

3D Culture and Invasion

3D culture systems represent a powerful tool to dissect the tumor, stromal and molecular drivers of bladder cancer invasion. We have developed a system which allows us to embed small bladder tumors in a 3D matrix based on collagen and to follow invasion in real time using advanced microscopy. This system is useful for interrogating the biology of bladder cancer invasion and for testing drugs which might block cancer invasion.

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